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Not every job offer you see is for a real job.

After you post your resume, you may hear from a person offering you a job that is a scam. Fake job scams have become a very serious problem in online job searching. There are usually some clear tip-offs that a job may be a scam. For example:

  • Does the job ask you to scan your ID or drivers' license and send it in?
  • Does the job ask you to transfer money as part of your duties?
  • Does the job description mention e-Bay, Pay Pal, or Western Union?
  • Does the potential employer ask you for bank account numbers, or your Social Security number?

If any of the above are true, please understand that you may be looking at a fraudulent job.

Please, keep your SSN off of your resume, and be very cautious about emailing it to people who ask for it. You should only give your SSN to an employer after you have fully validated them as a legitimate employer. Beware of fake job offers, especially those for "work at home" offers.

The most common situation is that a fake employer will get your resume, then ask you for your SSN or a scan of your driver's license saying that they need a background check before they can hire you. Unless you have physically visited the place of employment or have fully validated the employer by checking with the Better Business Bureau and other agencies, then do not send your SSN, especially through email.

Remember, most legitimate employers will move slowly in the hiring process and will want to interview you one, two, or more times before they officially sign you on as an employee. A fake employer will try to rush you through the process, so you don't have time to think through possible consequences.


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